Bridge2Practice for Teaching

Bridge2Practice is a free, flexibile online tool that allows users such as students, clinicians and researchers to learn to identify specific skills, perceptual features and behaviours by listening, viewing or watching audio, still image and/or video samples and then rating them for different features related to clinical practice across all allied health disciplines. It can provide immediate feedback to students so they can practice whenever or wherever they like. It can also be used to quickly create custom online learning activities (including online peer review) that students can practice and then receive immediate feedback.

Interactive Engagement through unlimited student practice with immediate feedback


Real Time Data Collection and Analysis

Student usage and participation in activities. Download your own data to research efficacy of your teaching and student learning. Data on student performance represented in easy to read analytics (e.g. pie charts, heat maps, bar graphs, descriptive statistics such as mean, standard deviation, and range). Compare student responses from cohort to cohort.


Allows Flexibility in Creative Design of Learning Activities

Design the sections you need for the purposes of your rating form and customise your form using the templates available.

Create a rating form from scratch. Media for samples to be rated can include images, audio and video samples.