Webinar: Assessment and treatment of laryngeal airway and voice disorders during COVID-19

April 14th, 2020

Videos of webinar: https://dlvp.org/news/webinar-videos-assessment-and-treatment-of-laryngeal-airway-and-voice

The COVID-19 outbreak is significantly impacting the way we deliver laryngology and voice services. In many services “non-essential” laryngoscopies have discontinued until control of the outbreak is reached and ENTs are slowly being pulled into more critical services. To support clinicians during this time, the Dr Liang Voice Program at the University of Sydney is running a free webinar on possible solutions to help provide ongoing care for our patients during this period.

This webinar will present information on alternative service delivery models for assessment and treatment of voice and laryngeal airway disorders, utilising Telehealth and referencing the SpeechLanguage Pathology First Contact assessment model.

Date: Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

Time: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Location: Online

Registration link: tinyurl.com/ru9rp7y

For more details, contact the DLVP Program Manager at sweety.mathew@sydney.edu.au

Program Info

  • Chris Payten (Gold Coast University Hospital) – Telehealth Voice Assessment Framework using the SLP First Contact Model.
  • A/Prof Daniel Novakovic (University of Sydney) - Thrown into the deep end - ENT Telehealth triage of laryngeal problems and remote monitoring of subglottic stenosis patients.
  • A/Prof Cate Madill (University of Sydney) – Protocols and suggestions for delivering assessment and therapy for voice and laryngeal airway disorders via Telehealth.
  • Professor Tricia McCabe (University of Sydney) - Tools for assessment and decision making through Telehealth and tips for using different Telehealth platforms.
  • Followed by an open forum question and answer session for discussion and sharing of ideas.

Speaker Info

  • Chris Payten is an Advanced SLP currently undertaking a PhD in The Speech-Language Pathology First Contact Assessment Model of Voice Assessment
  • A/Prof Daniel Novakovic is an ENT Surgeon with an interest in Laryngeal Disorders. He is co-director of the Dr Liang Voice Program.
  • A/ Prof Cate Madill is an SLP and researcher in voice and voice disorders. She is co-director of the Dr Liang Voice Program.
  • Prof Tricia McCabe is an experienced SLP and researcher in telehealth models of care in SLP practice.