Professional Development Workshops

A key focus of the Doctor Liang Voice Program is community education, which includes the professional development of Speech Pathologist and Ear, Nose and Throat specialists’ skills in best assessing, managing and treating a voice disorder caseload.

In 2019, the Doctor Liang Voice Program has arranged the following professional development workshops:

Acoustic Analysis Workshop

April: Nelson, New Zealand

The acoustic analysis workshop aimed to provide attendees with an overview of the value of, and key principles underpinning acoustic analysis. It featured education pertaining to the necessary equipment and programs to support the analysis process, how to interpret the derived data and how this process of analysis may be applied in clinical contexts.

Stroboscopy Workshops

July: Melbourne, Australia

November: Sydney, Australia

The stroboscopy (July) and advanced stroboscopy (November) workshops aim to offer Speech Pathologist and ENT specialists advanced skills in the use of nasendoscopy with stroboscopy. The objectives of the workshops include the teaching of essential skills in the use of stroboscopic assessment to accurately diagnose a patient’s voice disorder, equipment-based practise of assessment techniques and allow for the application of taught skills to clinical cases.

If you are interested in having a workshop conducted at your workplace, please contact Sweety Mathew ( with your queries.