Dr Liang Voice Program

The ability to communicate through speech is an essential life skill and a vital part of what distinguishes us as humans. We use our voices to articulate our thoughts, express our feelings and relay our needs. Without access to proper care and treatment, voice disorders can have a debilitating and severe impact upon quality of life.

About The Program

The Dr Liang Voice Program will support research, research training, clinical training and education in the field of laryngeal and voice conditions. The objective of this world first program is to transform quality of care and improve outcomes for those affected by voice disorders.

The newly created voice program at the University of Sydney will establish the reputation of the University as a leading centre of excellence for research into laryngeal disorders in the Asia–Pacific region.

Online Workshop: Using acoustic analysis to assess and treat voice disorders in clinical and research settings

The Doctor Liang Voice Program (DLVP) at The University of Sydney will be hosting the education series ‘Using acoustic analysis to assess…

Listeners Wanted!

Wearing a mask in COVID-19 pandemic: Does it affect voice assessment outcomes?

Webinar: We’re all in this together: Managing voice problems during COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak is significantly impacting all aspects of life; with physical distancing and communicating over phone or videolink now…

Latest News

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Sophie and Jessica, student representative from Speech Pathology Australia, interview Cate for their SPA week video project.

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Dysphonia and the value of voice

Four Sydney based Voice Health Professionals including DLVP Co Directors Associate Professors Cate Madill and Daniel Novakovic share their…

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Speech Pathology Australia Risk Assessment Tool

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